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Maidstone’s Museums Re-opened in May 21

The team at the Museums are again operating the wonderful collections here in Maidstone.

Things are a bit different though. The main Museum is open between 10am and 4pm, Wednesday-Saturday for most of the year. During school holidays, it is open from Monday to Saturday but will close altogether from mid-December to mid-February.

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Tuesday Gardening Club

Friends have a Gardening Club, held at the Museum on Tuesdays every 4 weeks. It starts at 10am and lasts no longer than 3 hours. The objective it to maintain the three open spaces at the Museum – the Courtyard in front of the Tudor part of the building, the Godiva courtyard to the rear of the main staircase near the Bentlif library, and the gardens at the rear of the Tudor part of the building.

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Friends’ Pop Up Shop

The MMF shop opened again in May.
In 2019, together with the Museum, Friends gained the use of a substantial shop in Fremlins Walk Precinct – at no cost. The shop had been vacant for some months and agreement was reached with the precinct management company for MMF/Museum to use the premises under a short term lease, providing no commercial use is secured . No rent is charged, MMF receive a significant rate relief, and the company pay the residue.

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