Education is an important tool in connecting Maidstone’s Museums with the community, and the Museums play an integral role in the educational development of young people. 

MMF, in an effort to make those connections, welcomes young people to join us as Friends, contribute to our efforts, and use the Museums to mutual benefit (see Join Us).

We have established a partnership with a local secondary school, which enables us to offer all young people an involvement in the Museums, join welcome and other special events, and participate volunteering schemes – all this through a Youth Ambassadors’ scheme.

For a number of years now a representative from the education community has held a seat on the MMF Board. 

This is to ensure that the Board understands how MMF can deliver for the needs of young people, and can assist the Museums in ensuring that their services are relevant – and meet the needs of – education. 

Janette Lloyd from Invicta Grammar School currently holds this Board position. 

Partnership with Invicta Grammar School

In 2014 MMF forged a strong partnership with Invicta Grammar School, in Maidstone. The education staff in the school are extremely supportive of this partnership, to establish the relevance of the curriculum to the Museums’ collections, presentations, and activities. The Museums are promoted at a number of events for new school entrants and at other information evenings involving the wider public. New parents are actively encouraged to join MMF as single or family members when enrolling with the school. Furthermore, the school’s choir has performed carols for MMF Friends at the Museum every December since 2014 – a wonderful seasonal event.

A key aspect of the partnership between young people and MMF is the appointment of a team of Youth Ambassadors; there are currently seven in post.  Their role acts as a bridge between MMF and all schools.  Indeed, they are leading the work to seek the involvement of other secondary schools in the area. See the Youth Ambassadors’ scheme.

MMF & Invicta Grammar Scool Education Partnership Challenges

Invicta Grammar School, MMF and the Youth Ambassadors continue to make presentations to teachers in other schools to encourage the consideration of additional partnerships with MMF.

If you are a teacher or student at a local school and wish to know more about MMF’s Youth Agenda and how you can contribute please contact us at