MMF is delighted to have a Youth Ambassador scheme. The role of Ambassadors is to act as a bridge between the Museums and local schools, and input into MMF operations, plans and proposals.  The Ambassadors support events for teachers, parents and they are also involved in generating resources for their schools and work on projects for the primary and secondary sectors. They are keen to develop a student Museum Ambassador network within other schools and are hoping to build an online network of Ambassadors.

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Here's what a few Youth Ambassadors say:

Izzy, a year 11 Ambassador

“I joined my school MMF Ambassador programme when I was in year 10. It has been the perfect way for me to explore things that interest me and learn about how museums work to  present such interesting history to the public. As a team we have participated in planning events and competitions to improve engagement with schools, young people and families. Although the events of the past year (2020) have hindered our ability to connect with the local community we hope to seize the opportunity to branch out into online continuing to enlighten people to the wonder that is the Maidstone Museums and all itheir treasures. As students many of us are excited about testing different, more creative ideas in which we can appeal to young people’s competitive sides through competitions and challenges, or helping improve the MMF’s social media and online presence. I found this past year to be a very enriching experience, socially and academically, along with everyone else on the team and that is what we wish to bring to lots more people.”


Miriam, a year 10 Ambassador

“My name is Miriam and I am an Ambassador because of my life long love and appreciation for history, and my previous experiences in public speaking. In my role as an Ambassador, my goal is to educate and stress the importance of history to others, as it is a topic I am very passionate about. One of my winning speeches was about preserving the past, which is a topic I believe is very important, especially for younger people to learn about. As the famous quote states “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Therefore, with the use of my public speaking and communication skills along with my other experiences, my goal as a MFF Ambassador would be to stress the importance of keeping history alive.”

Lauren, a year 10 Ambassador

“I have chosen to be an Ambassador for MMF because I have always had a passion about history, and am keen to broaden my history knowledge beyond the classroom, I am also considering to pursue further education in history, possibly in the form of a degree. I have been to the Museums multiple times on family outings, making me familiar with all of the displays and knowing how a young child visiting the Museums interact with their artefacts. Pre-pandemic, I have had experience working with Primary school aged children, through the form of family and through volunteering at a local summer school. Therefore I am familiar with encouraging children of all ages to partake in a range of activities and maintain their interests in a variety of topics.”


Sathushana, a year 10 Ambassador

“Hi, my name is Sathushana and I enrolled in being a MMF Ambassador as I believe I can take an active role in helping promote to other schools the heritage of the Museums. This role is also a great place to build my communication as well as organisation skills which will benefit me in the future.  I’m hoping to bring my artistic and knowledge about historical events to help in making our youth to understand  the revolutionary changes that has occurred and what other generations went through to get us to where we are today.”

The MMF Board is very appreciative of those who volunteer to become a Youth Ambassador – currently and their involvement in the past. We currently have seven student ambassadors in post. However, each year new students are sought to replace those who move on to higher education.  

We are always interested in hearing from those interested in being an Ambassador – to be part of our work to support Maidstone’s Museums. If that is you please contact the MMF secretary to talk more about the positions –